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Scent It Company Floral Fragrances
Smells like the yellow puff flower balls on the Acacia tree.  A great scent for Spring and Summer.


The scent of an Apple orchard in full bloom.

Apple Blossom

A strong oriental bouquet of kumquat, lily, patchouli, and cassis.  Giving an edible effect on a background of amber and musk.


The soothing fragrance of walking through a bluebell forest in England. Similar to Dutch hyacinths but sweeter and lighter.


A soft floral balanced with a touch of green herbal. A real nice scent. This scent is very popular Spring-Fall.


This scent is very true to the real flower. A Good, Spring-Fall scent. Very nice.


This extraordinary scent is like sitting in the midst of a forest of cherry trees in full bloom. A wonderful scent.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Romantic, sensual, purifying, cleansing, calming.

Cherry Blossom

Smells like the flower, a stronger pungent scent, but not over powering. Great Fall scent and year round.  Aromatherapy benefits. Clarifying, visualizing, uplifting, cleansing, purifying.


Tart and sassy apples touched by a gentle floral note. Very nice scent for Spring, and Summer. Great all year round.

Crab Apple

A special blend of floral, herbs, with a note of green.  A very hard scent to describe but very pleasing.  A great scent for Spring- Fall. We may be the only one who carries this scent.


Popular bath and body scent, smells like the spring flower. A good all year scent, great in the Spring, and Summer. Aromatherapy benefits. Calming, relaxing, soothing.


A very pleasing light floral, you will think you brought a bouquet of Dahlias into the house. A great scent for Spring- Fall.  We may be the only one who carries this scent. Aromatherapy benefits.  Calming, soothing, centering, mood-lifting.


Smells like a bouquet of Daisies. Great Spring and Summer scent. Not over powering, just plain pleasing.Aromatherapy benefits. Calming,relaxing,cheering,balancing.


A light but very fragrant floral scent with a hint of green, this scent is the perfect one for those hot summer days when you want a nice floral scent. Great for Spring-Fall months.  A very hard scent to find.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Romantic, uplifting, sensual, centering..

Day Lily

Fresh floral fragrance like the true Dogwood flower. Great for Spring, especially for Easter.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Cleansing, purifying, strengthening, clarifying.


A combination of remarkable scents combined into one truly magnificent scent. Carnations, Roses, Lilacs, Citrus essence, and a delicate earthy musk combination make this wonderful scent very remarkable.  A great Spring-Fall scent, great all year round. .

Easter Lily

The scent of fresh cut Lavender. This best seller has cool calming effects. Great all year round.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Balancing, soothing, normalizing, clarifying..

English Lavender

A light sensual exotic floral  fragrance, very romantic.  A popular scent, especially for the bedroom.  A beautiful all year scent.  We may be the only one who carries this wonderful scent.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Romantic, sensual, calming, relaxing, soothing..

Fawn Lily

A wonderful pleasant smell of a floral bouquet. Great Spring, and Summer scent.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Romantic, sensual, clarifying, uplifting.


A blends of lavender, rose, and gardenia for a very pretty scent A great scent for Spring, and Summer. Great in Fall, and Winter to bring back the warm, soft days you just left behind.


Flowers, flowers everywhere. Smells like you are in a flower shop. Strong scent, but very pleasing.

Flower Shop

A light, sweet, floral.  Just like the Forsythia blooms on your favorite flowering bush in the Spring. This is a great scent for all year.  In Spring, and Summer it is light, and fragrant.  In Fall, and Winter it will remind you that it won\'t be long until the harsh cold will soon be gone, Replaced by the fragrance of Spring, and Summer again.  This wonderful scent is very hard to find, we may be the only one who carries it.


A medium fragrance.  Very pretty, not too heavy, not too light.  This is a great scent all year round, very pleasing.  This is a very hard scent to find, not many carry it.  Aromatherapy benefits. Purifying, cleansing, bracing..


A light floral scent that is very pleasing for year round. Great in Spring, and summer.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Sensual, romantic, anchoring, soothing.


A strong, fresh scent of floral bouquet

Fresh Floral NEW

A stronger scent of the Gardenia flower. Very Appealing, one of our best selling floral scents.  Aromatherapy benefits. Mood-lifting, sensual, purifying, centering.


This is another one of our top selling scents. It is a strong, earthy, herbaceous scent.  A great scent for anytime of the year.  Aromatherapy benefits. Soothing, mood - lifting, balancing.


A wonderful fragrant scent of pure Ginger Blossoms at their best. This wonderful scent is very stimulating, and sensual.  A real nice scent.  A very hard scent to find, we my be the only one who carries it.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Warming, strengthening, anchoring, sensual.

Ginger Blossom

A sweet spicy scent, just like the plant itself. This scent makes you feel like you are on that tropical paradise.

Ginger - Hawaiian

his scent blends the zing of Ginger, with the sweet tart of Kiwi.This is a unique scent, very different, yet extremely nice. A great scent for any season.

Ginger - Kiwi

Grapefruit Blossom has a very pleasing aroma. You have the combination of fresh peeled grapefruit with a hint of light floral blossoms to give you a heavenly, succulent scent. This fragrance oil very good for clearing out household odors, and a very refreshing scent on hot summer days.

Grapefruit Blossom

A very woody scent with a hint of floral.  A very good scent when you want the scent of outdoors that is clean, with no heavy floral perfume.  A great scent for anytime, a more manly type. I have not found this scent anywhere else.Aromatherapy benefits. Purifying, sense - enhancing, cleansing, calming, anchoring.


 Feminine powdery floral scented blend. Great for the powder room, and bedroom.

Hearts and Flowers

A fragrant natural Heather scent. Very nice.  Aromatherapy benefits.  Calming, soothing, sensual.


A wonderful scent. This scent is very hard to find, It is a wonderful floral, distinctive, heavy, on the order of Patchouli. I have not found this scent anyplace else.It is a wonderful, and very pleasing scent. I do not know of any other place you can get this wonderful scent.  Aromatherapy benefits. Sensual, romantic, soothing, uplifting.


A spicy cinnamon, clove blend with rose and YLang Ylang. A very good seller.

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