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Scent is a funny's one of those things that can't be compared or described easily. I mean, you can always describe color by saying, "It's almost the same color as this (indicating an object) but a tad darker." But it's harder to describe scent ... "It's sort of like a rose geranium but sweeter...what do you mean 'What's a rose geranium smell like?'"
Well, we have tried our best here to describe some of our scents for you. We have over four hundred scents, so the list is LONG. Please be patient while the list loads.
Spend some time exploring. When you find a scent that you just have to try, click on the name of the fragrance, and you will be taken to the page where you can add it to your cart.
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Acacia Smells like the yellow puff flower balls on the Acacia tree. A great scent for Spring and Summer. Aroma therapy benefit. Cleansing, purifying, centering, meditative.
Almond Smells like Almond extract. A nutty almond, scent. Wonderful and light. Aroma therapy benefit. Anchoring, and strengthening.
Aloe A manly light floral scent. Very nice scent. Aroma therapy benefit. Soothing, cleansing, and consoling.
Alyssum Smells like fresh mown hay. Green, and very clean, a very light floral note. Aroma therapy benefits: Calming, relaxing, soothing.
Amaretto Smells like the drink. You will want one.
Amaretto Nog Almond and Cherry scent. Very pleasing scent.
Amberwood Amberwood is a very unique fragrance. It is very provocative, sensual, and very pleasing to both men and women. Amberwood has a musk, sandalwood, and amber type fragrance that is very well balanced ,it somewhat reminds you of the the classic men's type cologne from Royal Copenhagen.
Amber Light masculine perfume scent. Smells very good. Aroma therapy benefits: Sensual, romantic, soothing.
Ambergris Used in making perfume, this scent is very unique, and hard to describe. I have not found this scent at any other dealer. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, sensual.
Ambrosia Smells like a bowl of fresh Fruit salad with a hint of coconut. A very refreshing sweet scent.
Angel Type Just like Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler, Created By The Design House Of Thierry Mugler In 1992, Angel Is Classified As A Refreshing, Oriental, Woody Fragrance with notes of vanilla,sandalwood, and patchouli. Accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.
Angel Food Cake Smells like fresh baked Cake, sweet and light.
Angel Wings Sweet light Floral scent. Great for all year round.
Anise Licorice scent. An all time favorite of Licorice lovers. Aroma therapy benefits: Cheering, sense - enhancing, mildly euphoric.
Anise Cookies Anise, cinnamon, cloves and rose hips scent. Great yummy scent.
Apricot Smells like fresh ripe Apricots. Mouth watering. Great Spring and Summer scent.
Apple Blossom The scent of an Apple orchard in full bloom. A very wonderful scent for Spring, and Summer. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, cleansing, anchoring.
Apple Sweet, and mouth watering. Just like the real thing.
Apples and Oak A woodsy Apple scent. Apple scent yet, the woodsy note calms it down to give a very nice all around scent. A wonderful scent for all year round. Aroma therapy benefits: Calming, cleansing, soothing.
Apple Crisp Yummy fresh baked Apples, and Cinnamon scent. Great for Fall, and Winter.
Apple Jack Fresh Apple scent. A stronger scent that will linger. A great scent for year round. Very nice and refreshing.
Apple Pear The scent of tree ripened Apples blended with fresh juicy Pears. Refreshing, cooling and a very pleasing scent. A very good scent for all year.
Autumn Splendor A wonderful medley of Fall scents blended in just the right amounts to give you the feeling of a fresh, clean Autumn day.
Avocado Smell's just like fresh ripe Avocados. This is a very refreshing scent, it is great in Spring, and Summer.
Azalea A strong oriental bouquet of kumquat, lily, patchouli, and cassis Giving an edible effect on a background of amber and musk. A remarkable scent. Have not found this scent at any other dealer. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, soothing, sensual.
Baby Powder Fresh, clean, soft powdery scent. Like you just powered a baby's bottom.
Balsam Fir Fresh cut Christmas Tree scent. Great for Holidays or just the fresh, clean, natural pine scent you love for every day use. Aroma therapy benefits: Anchoring, and strengthening.
Banana The scent of fresh ripe Bananas. A very nice scent.
Banana Cream Banana, and fresh Cream scent with a hint of Vanilla. Like Banana Cream Pie with out the crust. Very yummy.
Banana Nut Bread Fresh as home baked. Bananas, nuts, cinnamon and nutmeg scent.
Basil Fresh cut herb scent. Very nice for all year round, great as a Fall scent where you are tired of the citrus and floral. Aroma therapy benefits: Clarifying, uplifting, strengthening, and refreshing.
Bath A fresh, clean and relaxing scent. Great scent for quiet times.
Bayberry A fruity, spicy, floral, woodsy combination scent. Great for the Holidays, and a great Fall scent. Aroma therapy benefits: Warming, rejuvenating, strengthening, cleansing, purifying.
Beautiful Type (Woman's type Perfume) a woody, powdery, floral scent, Romantic, a real pleaser.
Bergamot A sweet citrus like aroma. Great for getting rid of odors. Aroma therapy benefits: Uplifting, normalizing, confidence - building.
Blackberry The smell of fresh picked Blackberries that will make your mouth water. Aroma therapy benefits: Strengthening, purifying, centering, cleansing.
Black Cherry A mouth watering strong Cherry scent that lingers. Great for all year round. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, purifying, cleansing.
Black Currant A unique scent, remarkable aroma. Hard to describe, but extremely pleasing. A great scent for the Holidays, or year round.
Bluebell The soothing fragrance of walking through a bluebell forest in England. Similar to Dutch hyacinths but sweeter and lighter.
Blueberry The scent of fresh, mouth watering, plump, juicy, ripe Blueberries. Great Spring and Summer Scent.
Blueberry Cobbler The scent of baked graham cracker crust filled with sweet Blueberries and spices. Very yummy scent.
Bluebonnet A soft floral balanced with a touch of green herbal. A real nice scent. This scent is very popular Spring-Fall.
Bounce Type Smells just like the fabric softener sheet, a clean fresh scent.
Bread The smell of fresh baked Bread right out of the oven. It will warm you up on a damp cool day. Very popular Fall-Winter.
Brown Sugar sweet warm brown sugar blend, great for mixing with other scents to make your own pleasing aroma. Very versatile.
Brownie The smell of freshly baked Brownies, very Yummy! A great children's scent.
Bubble Gum Kids of all ages love this scent; it smells like just like Bazooka. A very popular children's scent.
Butter Rich creamy buttery scent. Soft, subtle, but a very pleasing scent. For those who want a soft different scent away from the florals, and fruit. A great all year scent.
Butter Cream A Yummy buttery creamy vanilla scent. This is another of those soft pleasing scents without any floral, or fruit notes. Just soft and relaxing. A good scent for all year round.
Butterscotch The smell of butterscotch candy, sweet and yummy. For those Butterscotch lovers who love a soft true Butterscotch scent. This is a remarkable scent, you will love year round.
Butter Rum Just like a hot toddy on a cold winter night. Relaxing and heart warming. Great for those cold, rainy, snowy Fall and Winter times.
C-K Type Duplication of Calvin Kline's cologne.
Cool Water Type A duplication of a designer cologne.
Cake Bake Just like Angel Food Cake with a touch of almond, freshly baked. Very yummy scent.
Calamus aromatic stimulant very calming, relaxing and pleasing to the mind, which relaxes nerves and thus calms. A small hint of lemon yet very sweet almost a light musk type. Very peculiar but very pleasant smell. A must try for relaxing qualities.
Candy Cane A classic with a peppermint sweet twist you will want to hang on your tree. An all time favorite. Great Holiday scent.
Candy Corn The great smell of candy corn candy. Great scent for Fall.
Candy kitchen A light peppermint Patty scent, chocolate and peppermint. Great for Holidays, or all year long.
Candytuft This is a wonderful light floral that almost smells like carnations. A wonderful Spring, and Summer scent. I have not found this scent at any other dealers. Aroma therapy benefits: Energizing, strengthening, purifying, centering.
Cantaloupe The scent of fresh juicy Cantaloupe in the peak of season. Cool, refreshing, Spring, and Summer scent.
Cappuccino A wonderful coffee aroma, makes you feel as though you were sitting in a coffee shop. Great scent for those quiet evenings.
Cappuccino Extra Like your coffee strong? This is the stronger, longer lasting fragrance of cappuccino.
Cappuccino Brule The aroma of the strong sweet dessert coffee. A good scent for anytime, but very relaxing for late evenings, sitting around the fireplace.
CARIBBEAN SPLASH Enjoy an exotic escape to the pristine beaches of the Caribbean. Essences of banana, coconut, papaya and vanilla coax away your cares and transport you to a tropical paradise.
Caramel The scent of rich, sweet creamy mouth watering Caramel. What a yummy scent this one is. Great for year round.
Caramel Apple This scent will take you back to Carnival days. The scent of ripe juicy apples coated heavily with rich creamy caramel. You will wish you could take a bite. A great Fall scent.
Carnation This scent is very true to the real flower. A Good, Spring-Fall scent. Very nice. Aroma therapy benefits: Energizing, strengthening, purifying.
Carrot Cake This scent is a real winner. The aroma of freshly baked Carrot Cake, spices and cream cheese frosting. You will love this one.
Cashmere Bouquet The scent of that old time beauty bar bath soap.
Cedar Spicy, woodsy, cedar scents. Pleasing aroma. A good all year scent, great for Fall, and Winter, It may also help to keep the Moths away. Aroma therapy benefits: Grounding, meditative, relaxing.
Chamomile A fabulous Chamomile scent. Just like Chamomile tea, this scent has a calming, nerve soothing effect. A must for anyone with frazzled nerves. Aroma therapy benefits: Calming, soothing, nurturing, relaxing.
Chan.-5 Type A duplication of the woman's designer perfume.
Cherry The mouth-watering scent of fresh ripened Cherries. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, purifying, cleansing.
Cherry Blossom This extraordinary scent is like sitting in the midst of a forest of cherry trees in full bloom. A wonderful scent. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, sensual, purifying, cleansing, calming.
Cherry Cobbler Baked tart Cherries, sweet vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon for this spectacular scent. Yummy!
Cherry Extra This scent has an extra strong cherry scent. This scent lingers for that extra special touch. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, cleansing, purifying.
Cheesecake This scent really smells like Cheesecake. Smooth, creamy and so good. You will just love this one it smells so yummy.
Chocolate Smells like Hershey's candy bars. Chocolate lovers will love this one.
Chocolate Chip Cookie What can I say! Got Milk? Children love this scent.
Chocolate Mint Smells like your favorite Chocolate mint after dinner mints. Great for any occasion. Kids say it smells just like the Girl Scout cookie.
Chocolate Covered Cherries Rich dark chocolate smothering ripe juicy cherries for a scent that is pure Heaven.
Christmas Berry The flowers have a scent similar to hawthorns and are pleasant when smelt from a distance
Christmas Carols This scent seems to be exclusive to us, I know of no other place you can buy it. This is a wonderful scent for the Holidays, very unique, and extremely nice.This scent has all the wonders of Christmas wrapped up into one scent. You will be very pleased with this one.
Christmas Cheer A spicy composition of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and light fruity notes. A very yummy scent. A good all year scent, Great for Holidays.
Christmas Cookies French vanilla, butter, spices and milk scents that will make you want to bake cookies. Good all year scent, light and yummy, Great for Holidays.
Christmas Eve The scent of fresh baked sugar cookies with a hint of pine that will spirit you back to Grandmas house on Christmas eve of yesteryear. This scent really smells like Christmas should. Great Holiday scent.
Christmas Memories A true Christmas scent, a mix of Pine, Incense, and a blend of sweet spices. A very nice Holiday scent that will help make many more great Christmas Memories for you, and yours.
Christmas Pear A combination of all the great Christmas scents, with the scent of sweet luscious Pears, a truly remarkable scent you will love year round. This is another hard to find scent. I have not seen it at any other sight.
Christmas Tree The scent of a holiday tree, all you need is gifts. Aroma therapy benefits: Refreshing, stimulating, uplifting.
Chrysanthemum Smells like the flower, a stronger pungent scent, but not over powering. Great Fall scent and year round. Aroma therapy benefits: Clarifying, visualizing, uplifting, cleansing, purifying.
Cilantro Refreshing, penetrating lemony-ginger aroma with hints of sage.
Cinnamon Apple The aroma of hot cinnamon apples baking in the oven. Very pleasing and an all time favorite, and one of our best sellers. Good Fall scent.
Cinnamon A good strong scent, but not over powering. Very appealing. This scent is great all year, extra pleasing during Fall and winter months, has a warming effect. Great for Holidays. Aroma therapy benefits: Centering, And strengthening.
Cinnamon Bun The scent of fresh baked buns loaded with Cinnamon. Almost good enough to eat.
Cinnamon Red Hot A natural Cinnamon stick aroma, full bodied. Great for Holidays, cold fall and winter times, this scent really warms the heart. Aroma therapy benefits: Centering, strengthening, invigorating.
Cinnamon Spice A house warming spicy Cinnamon that fills your home with the warmth of the Holiday season at any time of the year. Aroma therapy benefits: Centering, strengthening, stimulating, uplifting.
Cinnamon Toast The scent of hot buttery toast sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Takes you back to those special breakfasts Mom made for you.
Cinnamon Vanilla A very pleasing scent. Cinnamon with a touch of vanilla. All around pleasing scent. A lighter scent, very pleasing and soft, great all through the year.
Citrus A sweet juicy blend of several different citrus fruits in one scent, very refreshing. A good Summer scent. Very refreshing and cooling effects. Aroma therapy benefits: Cheering, refreshing, uplifting.
Citrus and Sage Citrus and Sage combination is a very different, but a very pleasing scent. Takes you away from the floral to give a remarkable aroma. Aroma therapy benefits: Cheering, refreshing, uplifting,relaxing.
Citronella This scent repels bugs and mosquitoes, which makes for a great outdoor scent. Aroma therapy benefits: Purifying, and vitalizing.
Clove A good Holiday scent, aroma of clove leaf and buds. Great in Fall and Winter months. Aroma therapy benefits: Warming, and sense - enhancing.
Clover A gentle sweet green scent. Very nice. Very soft and pleasant. Clean, and fresh. Remind you of sitting in a clover patch looking for the 4-leafers. Great Spring-Fall scent. Aroma therapy benefits: Calming, relaxing, soothing, uplifting.
Cocoa Butter A sweet cream scent of butter with a hint of coconut. Remember the Sun Tanning Lotion?
Coconut The scent of fresh just cracked open Coconuts. Great for Spring, and Summer with its refreshing scent.
Coconut Cream Pie The scent of fresh baked Cream Pie with a hint of Coconut. Very good scent. Very yummy.
Coconut Lime How else to describe this excellent scent than to say it is an excellent coconut scent with the perfect blend of high quality lime scent. Not a cheap scent but it has an excellent scent throw with just the right smell to be very relaxing and soothing. A really nice scent to fill the house or office with. Kind of an all season scent.
Coffee The aroma of fresh brewed Coffee for coffee lovers everywhere. Like sitting in a coffee shop.
Coffee Extra The wonderfully strong aroma of dark roasted coffee beans.
Cola Light and true to its name.
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